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Tailor-Made Favours

We can tailor-make your favours so that your guests gifts are as unique as you are...

Choose your bag...

Choose from a wide range of organza bags in a variety of colours... 

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Or perhaps you'd prefer a rustic hessian bag... 


Will you go for a birth stone? Or perhaps you'd like to personalise each of your guests bags with their own birth stone. Or maybe you have a theme you'd like the crystal to represent such as Love, Protection, Luck or Letting Go.

We can also help you choose a stone that is personal to each guest. We will just need 3 character traits from you.   

Smudge Sticks...

Choose from a selection of hand-made smudge sticks

◦ Sage

◦ Sage + Lavender

◦ Sage + Rose

◦ Sage + Rosemary 

◦ White Sage 

◦ White Sage + Lavender 

 ⭐︎ or choose a combination of your own ⭐︎

Or perhaps you'd prefer Palo Santo...

A powerful energy cleanser and healer, grounding Palo Santo is wonderful for throwing on a bonfire or into a log burner, or just set it alight and waft around a room. This beautiful 'holy wood' smells utterly divine. 

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Just get in touch via our contact page to discuss options and prices