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Practical Magic tools to aid mind, body + soul connection 

We do our very best to ensure that all of our ingredients are ethically sourced, vegan and organic. 

Our products are lovingly handmade in our workshop on the South Downs and charged under a Full Moon

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Rock + Roll-Ons

Our Rock + Roll-On scents combine a carefully selected blend of essential oils and crystals to support emotional wellbeing

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Aura Mists

Spritz one of our Aura Mists to cleanse your personal space 

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Liberate your space with one of our crystal infused diffusers. Each one is handmade with a mystical blend of essential oils.

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Ceremonial Soaks

Treat yourself or a loved one to one of our indulgent Ceremonial Soaks. A hand blended mix of soothing salts and specially selected essential oils

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Intention Setting Aids

Our Intention Setting Aids are a must for anyone wishing to make positive changes in their lives

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New Home Kit 

Cleanse space from any negative energy and bring a little luck into a new home

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Whatever the special occasion - big or small - we can tailor make favours or party bags that are as unique as you are 

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Manifestation Kits

Our Manifestation Kits are great for those hoping to attract specific things into their lives 

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Chakra Healing

Coming soon...

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Book of the Month

'Witch' by Lisa Lister

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